Living with Focus LCM Living with Focus: 31 Days

Live Your Faith

Do you need focus as you strive to be intentional in your relationship with Christ? 

Get this inspiring, practical eBook full of scriptures, prayers, and devotions.

 You'll also receive a completely free companion reflection journal. Your bonus journal allows you to fully reflect on each personal challenge presented throughout the book.

What's Inside

Each day includes a personal challenge to provide practical ideas for you to live your faith joyfully and completely. 

Here's what you get: 31 scriptures, 31 devotions, 31 prayers suited for every day life, 31 personal challenges to help you grow in your relationship with Christ, and a completely free printable companion reflection journal. 

These are the topics for each day: 

Day 1 – Living Out Loud for Jesus 

Day 2 - Loving Your Enemies 

Day 3 – Setting a Good Example 

Day 4 – Taking Time to Pray 

Day 5 – Strong and Confident in the Lord 

Day 6 – A New Birth, A New Hope 

Day 7 – Do You Trust the One You Say You Believe In? 

Day 8 – God’s Subtle Voice 

Day 9 – The Bad About Boasting 

Day 10 – How Do You Love Your Neighbor? 

Day 11 – Whom Shall I Fear? 

Day 12 – Let Christ Lead 

Day 13 – Close to Home 

Day 14 – The Life He Brings 

Day 15 – The Gossip Game with God 

Day 16 - Asking for Signs 

Day 17 – Kindness Matters 

Day 18 – Transform and Renew 

Day 19 – He Knows the Plans 

Day 20 – A Simple Solution for Knowing Your Life’s Purpose 

Day 21 – My Heart’s Desires 

Day 22 – Choose God 

Day 23 – He Answers Our Prayers 

Day 24 – Content with What You Have 

Day 25 – When Should We Pray? 

Day 26 – Attitude! 

Day 27 - 4 Ways I Can Keep My Emotions Under Control 

Day 28 – Why Should We Give to the Poor? 

Day 29 – Learning Patience, RIGHT NOW! 

Day 30 – Right Decisions 

Day 31 – Life is Short

About the Author

Meet the creator of Loving Christ Ministries.

Julie Pfeifer

Julie Pfeifer is a Jesus-loving wife, mom of three, and grandma from Missouri. She has been a teacher for over 25 years but also brings a passion for writing to the table. She writes to encourage women in their faith at Loving Christ Ministries. You can also catch her on Facebook or Pinterest.